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Dear Saint Thomas Family,

What a joy it was for me to participate in my first St. Thomas annual meeting last Sunday! Thank you to all of you who were able to attend and share your enthusiasm for the future of our parish.

As I reflect on our Annual Meeting conversation, I want to emphasize three points:

1. Our next season will be focused on growing our church both spiritually and numerically. As we focus our efforts on filling this beautiful church with new and returning faces, our priority is to add clergy to inspire and support us on our faith journey.

2. We need to evolve quickly to reflect that we are a church with 453 members focused on rebuilding as opposed to 1,100 members focused on sustaining. Many of you remember a time when ministry at St. Thomas was a partnership between clergy and parishioners, and that is the model that we are returning to.

3. You are the heart and soul of our church. I’ve been struck by how many of you have expressed your desire to be part of the rebuilding work ahead of us, and it will be exciting to harness our collective gifts and enthusiasm. Please email ( to express your interest in helping to rebuild our church. If you feel called to contribute financial resources, please see Dave Katri’s message below about the generous pledge match, offered by longtime parishioner, Jim Kesl.

For those who missed it, we’ve summarized the main presentations below:

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