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Join us online!

Click the button below to view the live service (no Facebook log-in required):

No profile or login is required. The current live video will have a red box that says "LIVE" in the top left corner under "All Videos." Click that video to access the current livestream. This link can also be used to watch the recorded video (once the service has concluded) at your convenience.


Does the link above redirect you to last week's video?

If you click the button "ST THOMAS LIVE SERVICE" button above and you see last week's video, simply return to our website and refresh this page after 9:15 am. The new live stream link is accessible on our website after 9:15 am. It takes a minute for the website to update, so you may need to refresh the page more than once.

I've refreshed this browser page but the link still redirects to last week's video. What do I do now?
You can view the livestream on Facebook, no login or Facebook profile required. The link below will lead you to St. Thomas's Facebook Video page, where the current live video will have a red box that says "LIVE" in the top left corner under "All Videos." Clicking that video will direct you to the live stream. Click the following link to access St. Thomas's Facebook Video page and the Livestream video (no profile or login required):

Does the video sound too soft, even though you've turned the volume all the way up?
Your device may have audio settings that need adjustment. Audio settings can vary depending on the device you are using and recent software updates for your device. Try checking these settings. If this does not work, try viewing the live stream on a different device.

Has the live stream been disrupted?
Many outside factors can disrupt a live stream. If your video stops or skips consistently, here's a checklist:
- Lower the image quality: On the bottom right menu of the video, you will see a gear icon. Click this icon to lower the quality of the video. (For example: if the circle next to "Auto" is checked, choose one of the lower numbers, such as 240p). This may help improve your connection.
- Check your WiFi connection: Check the status of your home WiFi connection and make sure it is working properly. For help, contact your WiFi and/or internet provider.

If we experience an internet outage or network connection at St. Thomas, we will restart the live stream as soon as possible and provide the new livestream link to the parish. To view the new livestream, you may need to refresh your browser page.

Questions? Contact the office at or 425-454-9541.

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