St. Thomas Zoom FAQ


St. Thomas Zoom FAQ

What is Zoom?
Zoom is a web conferencing service that allows us to meet virtually. It’s free for participants to use Zoom to attend meetings* hosted by St. Thomas. Using Zoom does require the use of a device that has access to internet service or a mobile network.
*Pro Zoom tip: every event held on the Zoom platform is called a “meeting.”

What type of equipment is required to use Zoom?
You can participate in virtual events at St. Thomas via Zoom using an iOS or Apple smartphone or on a computer or tablet if it has a microphone and speaker, and ideally, a camera.

How do I use Zoom to attend events at St. Thomas?
To virtually attend the event, simply click the Zoom meeting link. This will open Zoom on your device and you can follow the simple instructions to join the “meeting.” A St. Thomas staff member will provide the Zoom link and meeting information to you prior to the event. If you can’t locate the link or need help using Zoom, please email the staff member in charge of your event.

I’ve never used Zoom before. Do I need to do anything in advance?
Yes. Create a free Zoom account and download the Zoom software before you join a Zoom meeting for the first time. Either click the meeting link and follow the instructions that come up or go directly to

My device doesn’t have a camera. Can I still join a virtual event on Zoom at St. Thomas?
While Zoom meetings can be accessed via audio only, we encourage everyone participating in virtual events at St. Thomas to use a device with a camera if possible – seeing each other helps us maintain our connection and it improves communication. If using a device with a camera isn’t an option, email our Parish Admin, Natalie, at and ask to receive the “call-in instructions for Zoom.”

What if my kids/pets are being disruptive or I’m late? Can I still participate?
Of course! All participants will be automatically muted upon entry to prevent anyone from accidentally disturbing the virtual event. During all St. Thomas events on Zoom, participants will receive guidance on when to unmute (as well as support with how to unmute) when it is their turn to share in the group. If you don’t want to be visible during a Zoom gathering you can press “stop video” on your Zoom app and all other participants will only see your name until you press “start video” again.

User Tips & Recommendations

  • Aim to click on the Zoom meeting link a few minutes before a scheduled event to make sure both the audio and video are working correctly on your device.
  •  If you are participating in virtual events at St. Thomas that include small groups, it’s important that you login each week from the same Zoom account as you will be routed to a small group that has been connected to that account.
  • To help prevent disruptive audio feedback, keep your audio muted unless it is your turn to speak. The settings will mute all participants when they first login to prevent accidental disturbances.
  • If multiple people are joining a Zoom meeting from one household, it may be best to all use one device together. Multiple devices logged onto the same Zoom call can disrupt the video feed and/or create audio feedback.

Further Questions?
Contact Natalie during church office hours: Monday – Thursday between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm.
Office phone: 425-454-9541