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Sharing Our Stories: Reflection by Dwight Russell

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Well, here we are again, at the beginning of another spike in Covid cases (plus variants) – just when we thought the situation was beginning to stabilize. The stress and frustration of the events continue to chip away at us, leaving us tired and sometimes angry, wanting to lash out and play the “blame game”. But it is necessary to remember that, as in 1918, the pandemic is universal, not local. Wherever we live in this world it is there, making us feel alone, and yet we have never felt so much alike. Nonetheless, God is always here, inviting us to be healed by His eternal love. I submit to you a recent writing by Anne Lamott whose summary is better than mine. “The meaning of this pandemic is that we are all vulnerable and connected. We are in this together, spanning the globe, Buddhists, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, pagans, Christians, atheists. This is so much bigger than the virus, because love and caring are bigger than anything – even, or especially, suffering. These nudge the virus right out of the lane, here and there, creating spaces we can slip right through. Even when we are lonely, hollow, heartbroken, or angry, we can slip through these gaps into what we have always longed for: presence, not presents. And that will sustain us, let us rejoice and be fed, until we can be together again.” Blessings to all and Happy Easter! Dwight Russell

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