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Sharing Our Stories: Reflection by Mary Waldmann

When It Doesn't Seem Possible

Our son and daughter-in-law, after trying for a baby for 5 years, turned to IVF (in vitro fertilization) last fall. It’s a grueling process that’s difficult on both partners. In late November, Kim had an embryo transfer and subsequently became pregnant—we celebrated and prayed that things would go well. But sadly, as is a risk in early IVF pregnancies, they lost the baby at the end of two months. It was heartbreaking.

After two months of stabilizing hormones and then restarting the regime, they had second embryo transfer last week and we are all praying that it results in a pregnancy she can carry to term. But the chances of miscarriage remain high.

In thinking about their rough road to parenthood this week, I was reminded of my own path to being a mother. In my mid-twenties I was told by several doctors that it was very unlikely that I would ever become pregnant. I was crushed because I wanted nothing more than to be a mother. When the high school yearbook had predicted that I would be the first woman president I thought “No, how little they know me. I want to raise a family.” But it now seemed a nearly impossible dream.

So I was stunned and thrilled when I found myself pregnant at 32. Thanks to God (and my husband Ray), I eventually bore three children. Parenting them has been the most interesting, challenging, rewarding and joyous part of my life and it’s an experience I so want John and Kim to share!

As I meditated on this, I realized that it was against the seeming odds that God gave me three beautiful children. And in the Bible, both Sarah and Elizabeth bore children when it seemed to them impossible. Mary, a virgin, bore Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit! And so I pray that God’s power will be felt again, that in God’s great love and mercy John and Kim will be given a child.

Now I don’t believe that God is up in heaven flipping switches, granting prayers or not depending on how hard or how often we pray. But I do believe that there is power in prayer. It can change us, make us persist in the face of poor odds, open us to new avenues. And I know God will guide John and Kim on some path to parenthood in time because, in God, ALL things are possible.

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