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Generosity that Continues... 

Alleluia, Christ is Risen!


During the season of Easter, we celebrate the gift of Christ’s resurrection as we place our hope in our own. Easter promises that death is not the end of our story, but a continuation. Like the promise of Easter, through participating in our Resurrection Giving Campaign, your generosity does not have to end but can continue. 

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St. Thomas is embarking on a Legacy Giving campaign in April and May of 2024.


St. Thomas has had an impact on many generations, and it is the generosity of those before us that allows St. Thomas to continue its ministry. Now it is our turn to carry on that legacy.


It’s all been on loan from God anyway. 

He has given me so much it is right to give back to God with a final gift.


Legacy gifts are an invaluable way to protect St. Thomas’s future by stabilizing and diversifying its incoming revenue. They can transform the church’s capacity for good and support our ministries and programs for years to come, ensuring that St. Thomas continues to be a beacon of spiritual blessings, both now and for future generations. It is incumbent upon us to both plan for and initiate ways to accomplish this objective.


I am leaving a portion of my estate to all members of my family, including Jesus, he is part of my family.


Our Legacy Society brochure provides information on various ways you can benefit both yourself and St. Thomas through creative estate planning. It does not have to be complicated. Our goal is to make you aware of the various estate planning tools that are available, and the benefits legacy giving can have for you and the church. 


If you have made or intend to include St. Thomas Church in your estate plans, please complete this acknowledgement , so that we may update or records and welcome you to the Legacy Society.




St. Thomas Legacy Committee

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