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Legacy Giving Letter of Intent

Welcome to the St. Thomas Legacy Society.  This letter is to acknowledge my/our intention to make a gift to St. Thomas Church in my/our estate plans.  This is an expression of my/our present plans, is subject to revocation or modification at any time by me/us and is not legally binding on me/us or my/our estate(s). I plan to leave the gift in:

This gift is: 

Name(s), as to be listed in internal St. Thomas records:

Signature (type) 

Signature (type)

Sharing the names of parishioners who have become members of the St. Thomas Legacy Society by making planned gifts to St. Thomas sets an important example and can inspire others to take similar steps.

Gratefully acknowledged, 

Liz Signature.jpg

The Rev. Liz Costello, Rector 

Thanks for submitting!

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