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Vacation Bible Camp - Peace Lab Day 5

Posted by Lisalynn Reed on

Dear VBC families,

Today was our last morning of VBC – always a day of mixed feelings. We are all so happy to get to Friday and the weekend, but we are sad to see our wonderful VBC end. 45 volunteers, 8 staff, and 40 campers not only made this program happen, they made it GREAT!

Thank you so much for bringing your children to St. Thomas for Peace Lab VBC. Every camper began his or her journey as a peacemaker this week. Our Bible verse for the week is from the Beatitudes:

              “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called children of God.” Matthew 5:9

 Our campus was filled with children of God this week! Praise be to God!

 What did campers do today?

  • In Crafts, campers decorated peace rocks – all their own designs. I saw so much creative use of shapes and colors.
  • In Outreach campers made notes of peace and encouragement to accompany the donated snacks. Teachers will include a note when they distribute the snacks, and the children receiving the snacks truly appreciate these notes. Knowing that other children, who they might never meet, are thinking of them, encouraging them, and wishing them peace lifts them up. We will be accepting healthy snack donations on Sunday. The bin is in the Great Hall.
  • In Storytelling, campers heard the story of Jesus’ visit to Mary and Martha. Mary sat with Jesus and listened to him so she could learn from him. Martha wanted the house to be perfectly clean and to serve a fancy meal for such an important guest, and she was grumpy – even angry – with Mary for not helping her. Jesus spoke to Martha and told her not to worry about the house, the meal, or Mary. He wanted Martha to come, sit, and listen like Mary. Jesus’ message was more important than any work she was doing.
  • Today was Popsicle Friday! Everyone enjoyed fruit popsicles and ice water; the perfect treat for that last day of VBC!
  • The rain stayed away, the breeze dried the grass, and Recreation was back outside – hurrah! Kickball, soccer, and Sharks & Minnows kept the kids moving, moving, moving!
  • In Music, campers practiced “Be a Sower” and “Peace Like a River.” They are harmonizing; they sound wonderful! I cannot wait to hear them sing on Sunday!
  • In Chapel, campers dug deep in to Jesus’ visit with Mary and Martha. They talked about Mary and Martha: Martha was worried impressing Jesus, and she was irritated with Mary for not helping her. Jesus helped Martha see that Mary had it right, Jesus was not visiting to be impressed; he was there to teach them. Relax, Martha, and listen to what Jesus has to say!

 All VBC campers, their families, and volunteers are invited to St. Thomas for VBC Sunday, August 5th.

  • Campers are encouraged to wear their VBC shirts
  • Come to the Music Room at 10:15 am for a short rehearsal
  • Join Lisalynn at 10:30 am in Kids Club (Craft Lab) for Children’s Summer Formation with a Bible story and a craft – or be in church with your grownup(s)
  • Formation will join the congregation at the Peace
  • Campers will sing during the Offertory (right after Announcements)
  • Join us for Coffee hour after the service

Seeds of peace were sown and began to grow this week. Every camper learned, worked, and participated to the best of his or her age and ability. Storytelling, Chapel, and Outreach were stations of learning and deep thoughts. We were fueled by a variety of healthy and tasty foods at Snack. Voices were lifted in song in Music. Bodies exercised and cooperated in Recreation. Creativity blossomed in Crafts. I was blessed all week long. I am tired, but I can honestly say I can’t wait until next year! (July 29 – August 2, 2019 – mark your calendars!) 

Peace, blessings, and many thanks,