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Vacation Bible Camp - Peace Lab Day 4

Posted by Lisalynn Reed on

We had one more wonderful morning of VBC. The rain came, but we were flexible, and it was GOOD!

Thank you so much for…

  1. Remembering sunscreen – if it isn’t raining!
  2. Remembering hydration before and after VBC. Personal water bottles are welcome – please label them.
  3. Remembering shoes or sandals that are secured to campers’ feet. Safety is our first priority.
  4. Donating healthy snacks for our community outreach project. See attachment for more information, and look for the bin as you enter the church.

We are aware that Friday’s forecast calls for light rain in the morning. If it is just very light sprinkles, campers will have recreation outside. If it is more than light sprinkles, we will move recreation indoors. Please send a light jacket with your camper tomorrow. Wet campers are not happy campers!

What did campers do today?

  • The craft project today was Zen boxes. Campers decorated their own boxes and added things that help them feel calm and “Zen” – sand, smooth stones, pine cones, lavender, rosemary. We can all use more peace and calm in this busy world – what a great project for self-soothing! (All projects will come home Friday.)
  • In Outreach campers continued the about Neighbors in Need project– see attachment. They stuffed the bags with hygiene & comfort items and lists of resources for meals, shelters, housing, counseling, job search support, etc. Two of these bags will come home with all the craft projects your camper has made. These bags are intended to be given to anyone in need: the homeless, the hungry, or the person on a street corner with a sign asking for help. Keep them in your car to give the next time your camper sees a Neighbor in Need.
  • In Storytelling, campers heard the story of King Saul, David, David’s wife Michal, and David’s best friend Jonathan. The king was so jealous and angry of David that he wanted to hurt or kill David. Michal and Jonathon pleaded with their father not to hurt David, and they even hid David from Saul. Speaking up for others, and helping them be safe, is what peacemakers do!
  • Today’s snack was pretzel nuggets, cheddar cheese, baby carrots with ranch for dipping, and ice cold water. Good fuel for busy campers!
  • Recreation moved in doors today due to wet conditions in the park. The four younger groups of campers played parachute games – lamb toss, mushroom, popcorn, and spinning camper. The joyful sounds echoing throughout the building told me a great time was had by all!
  • In Music, campers practiced “Be a Sower” and “Peace Like a River” – they sound so beautiful! I cannot wait to hear them sing on Sunday!
  • In Chapel, campers learned about David’s boyhood. God told Samuel to visit Jesse in Bethlehem, and one of Jesse’s sons would be the next king. Samuel did as God directed, but none of Jesse’s sons were “the one.” But Jesse had one more son, a small boy out tending the sheep. David was the one…little, sheep-smelly David! We all have potential inside us – size, age, appearance do not matter to God. God knows our hearts and helps us be the best we can be – we just need to love and trust God.


Looking ahead…

All VBC campers, their families, and volunteers are invited to St. Thomas for VBC Sunday, August 5th. Campers should come to the Choir room at 10:15 am for a short rehearsal with Chorister Director Tim. Campers are encouraged to attend Children’s Summer Formation in the Kids Club Room (VBC Craft Lab, across the hall from the Choir Room), or they can stay with their families in church. Campers in Formation will join the congregation at the Peace, and they will sing during the offertory. Nursery care will also be available. Campers are encouraged to wear their camp T-shirts too!

 Every summer I get so excited for VBC, and every summer I am nearly overwhelmed by the joy, enthusiasm, and love the campers bring. The Holy Spirit fills the church and Ebsworth Life Center, and I am so uplifted. We provide this program for the benefit of the children, but the staff and volunteers are also blessed. Thank you, God, for VBC!

 Peace & blessings,