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Vacation Bible Camp - Peace Lab Day 1

Posted by Lisalynn Reed on

What a great first day of VBC! So much positive energy and enthusiasm! God’s peace is growing at St. Thomas this week!

First, reminders and a request…

  1. Remember sunscreen as every group spends 20 minutes in the park for recreation, and there is not much shade.
  2. Remember to help campers hydrate before and after VBC. They have water at snack and recreation. Bringing a water bottle is good too.
  3. Please have campers wear shoes/sandals that strap to their feet – NO FLIPFLOPS. Campers run, jump, etc during recreation, and we want to avoid foot and other injuries.

 Thank you for helping us keep campers safe!

 As in the past, St. Thomas is collecting donations of healthy snacks which will be donated to Bellevue Schools to feed needy and low income students. Hungry children cannot learn, so help us help them! More information can be found in the attachment. Thank you for your generosity!

What did campers do today?

  • The craft project today was “wisdom sticks.” Campers painted, wrapped with yarn/fabric/ribbon, and decided what words of wisdom to write on their sticks. Note – all projects will come home Friday – or sooner for campers not attending all week.
  • Storytelling connected peace to forgiveness; forgiveness may not be easy, but it is a path to peace.
  • In Outreach campers learned about Congregations for the Homeless. St. Thomas hosts this group of homeless men every July. The campers wrote and illustrated notes of peace, love, and encouragement which the men will receive as goodbyes.
  • Snack was bagel & cream cheese, fresh blueberries, and ice cold water. Delicious!
  • In Chapel campers read The Beatitudes in Matthew 5. They learned what a beatitude is and why they are important – especially being a peacemaker.
  • In Recreation, campers played an ice breaker name game (mint chocolate chip and chocolate ice cream win in popularity!) and  “pershua”, a twist on hide-and-seek.
  • In Music, campers learned “Plant a Seed” and began thinking of their own group’s verse to add to “I’ve got peace like a river.”

 I love VBC; it is dear to my heart. Meeting and getting to know all these precious children…Putting together a program where they can be immersed in God’s love and peace…Thank you for giving your children this opportunity.

 Peace & blessings,