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Vacation Bible Camp 2016 - Day 4

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Today was a great day at St Thomas Vacation Bible Camp!  It was a day to learn about God’s Holy Spirit swirling all around us (ask your camper about the pinwheels!), about the many ways God loves each and every one of us and that no matter when or how we look for God, God will always find us.  We heard the story of Nicodemus (John 3:1-21), a man who had been a part of the group who didn’t like what Jesus was doing, but who was drawn to Jesus and wanted to know him anyway.  He went to Jesus in the night and Jesus talked with him about how we are born into the world in our bodies, but also how we’re born into God’s Kingdom in Spirit.    Can you imagine being drawn so strongly to something or someone – the way Nicodemus was drawn to Jesus - that you would actually be willing to risk the criticism of your friends and peers?  It happens, even to people like you and me.  Following Jesus requires us to change our priorities.  And while we may not be called to go searching for Jesus in the night, we are all called by Jesus, and responding to that call means giving up some of the things that our world deems important.  I wonder what each of us might need to give up in order to more closely follow Jesus and to more freely share God’s love with the world? 

VBC campers were surely “sharing the love” today as they made muffins and brownies for the teenagers who have supper at the Boys and Girls Club each week.  And the table runners that the campers decorated will make for a very festive evening tonight!  The youth of St Thomas make dinner for this group each month, and we’re delighted to have had the helping hands of our campers today.  Our prayer is that the teenagers we serve will know themselves to be filled with God’s love and in the love of all the little (and big!) hands that contributed.  The VBC campers are coming to understand that they really can make a difference in the world, and that they are doing precisely that!  There was more fun to be had in crafts today as children made very special votive candles to remind them of the light of Christ that shines in each one of us.  The Nicodemus in the Night game in the park carried on the theme of God finding us and loving us, each and every one.  And the singing was once again sublime!  The children are very excited about singing for our Mass on the Grass service on Sunday so make sure you join us in Medina Park at 9:30 am for a fun service and a community picnic following.