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Vacation Bible Camp 2016 - Day 3

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Another fantastic day at St Thomas Vacation Bible Camp!  The youth Story-tellers told the story of the feeding of the multitudes.  Do you know this is the one story that appears in all four Gospels?  The story teller’s version today was from John’s Gospel, and they made the story come alive.  Faced with thousands of hungry people who followed him everywhere, Jesus knew that their physical needs were important, just as their spiritual needs were.  When it came time for supper, Jesus suggested that the disciples feed the crowds.  Their response? “What?  How will we ever find enough bread to feed all these people?” But when Jesus took those two fish, and five loaves of bread, blessed and broke them and began to feed the people, something amazing happened – there was plenty for everyone!  People were filled to the brim and there were twelve baskets left over.  When we offer what we have to God, no matter how little we think it is, it turns in to plenty, with God’s help.  Jesus’ heart was filled with love, and that love compelled him to care for the ones around him.  Our hearts are filled with love too, and we know that love can move us to do much good in the world.  Our campers and their parents are making a huge difference in the lives of many people this week at St Thomas VBC.  They are feeding homeless people and pets, and sharing what they have with the children of Resurrección church in Skagit Valley.  Buckets and buckets of school supplies and back packs have been gathered, and we are so grateful for the loving and generous hearts that have contributed.

Today was a bit different from our other VBC days because we had a church service with Holy Communion.  There were more than 70 children in church, and while they sang with abandon, there were times when it was absolutely still.  Our regular Wednesday Eucharist attenders look forward to this day each year as they get to share in the special meal at Jesus’ table with the children of VBC.

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