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The Holy Spirit's Visit at Four O'Clock

Posted by St. Thomas Staff on

In September, after Mike and I discussed my lapses in memory with our family doctor, I was referred for psychological testing. The psychologist informed us that the results were consistent with early stages of Alzheimer’s and referred me to a neurologist for further tests.

I cried in shock! Mike and I wondered what changes we needed to make. We visited our St. Thomas priests, consulted our attorney, and our financial advisor. We waited a nervous three weeks for the neurologist appointment

A whoosh! Had I heard or felt something? Yes, a cool breeze was blowing from my right. I sat up and looked at the clock; it was four o’clock in the morning. I distinctly heard the words “It will be all right!” Instantly I relaxed. I knew immediately that this was a visit from the Holy Spirit! That night, Mike had been sleeping aboard our boat. He called me at 6 am saying that at exactly 4 am he had sat up in bed wide awake. I could not even begin to tell him my story over the phone. It would wait until he was home.

Then, at last, the time for the neurologist appointment arrived. His diagnosis was mild cognitive impairment with only a 50/50 chance of developing Alzheimer’s, a much “lighter sentence.”

There is nothing that will prevent the Alzheimer’s. If it is in my destiny, I can handle it. I know God will take care of me. In the meantime, I am exercising and getting out socially as much as possible. Thank you to all of you at St. Thomas who have accepted me and welcomed my story; I am happy to visit further with any of you about this experience.

—Shirley Allert