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St Thomas Vacation Bible Camp, Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Posted by Lisalynn Reed on

Digging for Treasure – Parables Revealed 

Another fantastic day at St Thomas Vacation Bible Camp!  As the weather was not quite as hot as predicted, the campers were able to have Recreation in the park – they loved playing “Blob Tag”! The campers lifted their voices in song at opening, in Music, in Holy Eucharist, after snack, and at closing. What a wonderful, blessed, music-filled morning! In Arts & Crafts the campers put together mustard seed charm necklaces – one of our parables for today.
Today was a bit different from our other VBC days because we had a church service with Holy Communion. The youth Storytellers acted out the Parable of the Mustard Seed and the Parable of the Leaven. The mustard seed is the tiniest of seeds, but it can grow into a bush so big that birds can nest in it! A tiny bit of leaven (think yeast) can turn flour in to a big fluffy loaf of bread. The campers learned that even the smallest things are great with God. There were 60 children in church, and as we all participated in the service there were times when it was absolutely still. It was wonderful to see all the campers so engaged in the service.

Your children respond very strongly to music, whether it be rollicking or contemplative.  Look for a note on Friday from our Chorister Director Tim Blok.  A music educator by profession, Tim is very interested in beginning a singing group for the little ones at St Thomas and in growing the current Chorister program to include more music!  Don’t forget about the Vacation Bible Camp service this Sunday. You are most welcome for this special service whether or not you attend another church!  We would love to gather the campers one last time (in their camp shirts) and have them sing for the service.  This year’s campers are super singers and we’d love to see all of them on Sunday!  Bring them at 10:15 to meet Tim in the church and do a little practicing before the service.

We continue to collect snack donations for the needy children of the Bellevue school district.  Please bring your individually packaged snacks to the treasure chest at the church entrance.  Thank you again for helping to teach your children the joy in sharing what we have with those less fortunate.   
Due to the predicted heat and air quality advisories, Recreation will be indoors Thursday and Friday.

We are delighted to be sharing this time with your children… they are surely a blessing to us!

Peace and blessings for you and yours,
Lisalynn Reed
VBC and Godly Play Coordinator
St. Thomas Episcopal Church