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St Thomas Vacation Bible Camp, Thursday, August 3, 2017

Posted by Lisalynn Reed on

Digging for Treasure – Parables Revealed
Today was another great day at St Thomas Vacation Bible Camp!  In Storytelling the campers learned about God’s love for us through the Parables of the Lost Sheep and the Lost Coin. Not giving up until all who are lost have been found is what God does. Every time someone who has been separated from God comes back to God, there is a celebration in heaven. (Ask your camper about the celebration dance!)

VBC campers were surely showing love today as they made dog biscuits for the dogs at the Homeward Pets shelter.  If you are interested in learning more about Congregations for the Homeless, ProbHerbs gardens, Homeward Pets or any of the other groups we work with, we’ll be happy to talk further with you. You’ll have another opportunity to contribute to snack drive for the needy children in the Bellevue school district tomorrow!  Please bring your individually wrapped snacks, and help your children experience the great joy of giving.  The VBC campers are coming to understand that they really can make a difference in the world, and that they are doing precisely that!
There was more fun to be had in crafts today as children decorated “All who wander are not lost” signs. All the campers’ amazing crafts will come home tomorrow. Be sure to pick up your camper’s paper shopping bag at pick up time Friday. The craft station has been buzzing with creativity all week!
The Recreation Station featured Corner Tag, Simon Says, and the Blue Angels – so exciting!  I apologize for inaccurately reporting Recreation plans. Our lead recreation volunteer carefully evaluates the temperature and air quality throughout the morning. Fortunately the temperatures have been low enough and the air quality good enough each morning to have recreation in the park.  Please remember to apply sunscreen each morning – even if recreation is indoors, transitions are outdoors.

The singing was once again sublime!  The children are very excited about singing for our service on Sunday.  Bring your campers (in their camp shirts) to the church at 10:15 and find Tim for a little rehearsal.

Finally, in Chapel, I shared the Godly Play Parable of the Good Shepherd. The campers learned about the Good Shepherd – the shepherd who knows all his sheep by name. He leads them to the good green grass and the cool clear water. In the place of danger and darkness he shows them the safe way through. If even one sheep is lost, the Good Shepherd will search until it is found, carry it home on his shoulders, and celebrate its return. When the wolf comes, the Good Shepherd puts himself between the wolf and his sheep. He will fight off and chase away the wolf. The Good Shepherd would even lay down his life for his sheep. My favorite part of Chapel is the sharing at the end of the story: from the creative names the younger campers gave the sheep to the understanding of the older campers. What a blessing!

It will be sad to end Vacation Bible Camp tomorrow but we’ll hope to see you all on Sunday.  The children have been a joy, and we’re so glad they’ve been here. 

Peace & blessings for you and yours,