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St. Thomas Vacation Bible Camp, Friday, August 4, 2017

Posted by Lisalynn Reed on

What a wonderful, blessed final day at VBC! Thank you to the small army of volunteers who made this week happen. The precious gift of their time and talent made it all possible!

Our ever energetic Storytellers presented the Parable of Perseverance. The campers learned to be like the persistent neighbor: keep asking, keep seeking, keep knocking – God will give you, help you find, and open the door to what you need. Don’t give up!

The weather stayed cool enough and clear enough to have Recreation in the park – hurray! The campers asked for their favorite activities, and Sharks & Minnows, soccer, and hula hoops were the answer!

Speaking of favorite things – snack has been a special place all week. Campers and volunteers all come together for snack each day. We sing our grace and then enjoy the wonderful, nutritious snacks. It was perfect to keep us going every morning. Today was different – we had fruit POPSICLES! What a treat for our last snack together!

The Music Station was filled with amazing music – oh, how your children love to sing! Please remember that all campers and their families are invited to return to St. Thomas this Sunday. Campers will sing during the 10:30 am service. Due to the heat, the service will be held in the Great Hall, as our church building has no air conditioning. Campers should wear their VBC shirts and meet Tim in the Great Hall at 10:15 for a short rehearsal.

In Arts & Crafts, campers made “Seek & Ask” journals. The journals and all other wonderful creations went home today. Campers who were absent today can pick up their Arts & Crafts bags on Sunday or contact me to arrange another time.

What, you may ask, is the Ziploc bag in your child’s Arts & Crafts bag??? In Service today, the children stuffed “Neighbors in Need” bags. These bags contain comfort & hygiene items and printed resources for anyone who is homeless, hungry, jobless, or experiencing tough times. The campers paired up to stuff four bags - one for each to take and two to stay. The next time you and your child see a person with a sign, asking for help, you can give them this bag. The rest of the bags will be given out by St. Thomas – one of our continuing ministries. What a wonderful way to be God’s helping hands in our community!

Chapel was a little different today – it was full of laughter! I presented the Parable of Parables – a Godly Play story to help us understand what is really in a parable box. Ask your child about the boxes! I talked about how throughout history, each new group of people needed to make their own box to hold parables. The previous box was okay, but they really wanted their own box to help them understand and make the parables their own.

Thank you for sharing your precious children with us this week. The blessings and love everyone experienced this week will be treasured.

Peace and blessings upon you and yours,
Lisalynn Reed
VBC & Godly Play Coordinator
St. Thomas Episcopal Church