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Sharing Our Stories: Tuesday Edition (6/2)

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Sharing Our Stories: Tuesday Edition

This was an email originally sent out to the parish on Tuesday, June 2, 2020.

Hi friends:

Here are the latest group of stories we have collected. This is a wonderful way for us to stay connected with one another and to accompany one another on this journey. We would love to have YOUR story. Check out the broad guidelines HERE.  And if you have already submitted a story, please let us have another one!

Reflection by DWight Russell

Here we are in the center of a universal lockdown which is being  relaxed for daily activities in some locations. For the most part I think  our resilience is performing marvelously – there are accounts of people pulling together to help others, sacrificing out of unnoticed acts of love, being patient as responses are slowed, and many other examples. My friends sometimes say I am a preacher of “awareness”, but I guess I am. It has been particularly fascinating to step across the threshold into the liminal space which we are all in, aware of it or not. For me everything I see outside of our home is more vivid – the greens are greener, the color of the flowers is more vivid, the sky is more clear. (Take a drive around the St. Thomas neighborhood and look at the trees.) Is it my imagination, am I living in a fantasy world? I don’t think so. It seems that with fewer automobiles and people out there, the earth is saying: “Can we take a break from the incessant need for speed, more things and more activities?” Closing note: our clergy and staff have done a remarkable job as virtual servants in bringing us together in the absence of corporate worship. We all miss that tenet of our faith which is so important – being present to each other every week. That will happen again. In the meantime, keep the faith! Blessings and love to all.

Reflection by Margie Mayhall

This is my Covid19 story: The best day I've had since the virus hit was on the day before Memorial Day. It was a beautiful, warm sunny day, so Keith & I packed a lunch & took a drive to Richmond Beach in Shoreline. Usually we park at the bottom of the hill close to the beach, but this day it was closed because of the virus. So we stayed at the top & ate our lunch on a bench with a gorgeous, sweeping view of the Sound & boats.

After lunch we walked down a hundred steps & crossed over the railroad tracks on a bridge to the beach. It was the most crowded I've ever seen it there. (Lots of people had the same idea.)

Keith went wading & I just walked the beach & sat on a log & watched him try to navigate the rocks with bare feet. The most difficult part was walking back up the hill to our car, but we took it slow with lots of pauses to catch our breath. Then we rewarded ourselves with an iced late' at the coffee shop above.

It felt so good just to get out in the fresh air & see the water, walk in the sand & see people!

All the best to everyone, Margie & Keith