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Sharing Our Stories: First One!

Posted by Natalie Ham on

Sharing our Stories: First One!

Here is our very first story! It's about a pig sighting in Medina. Enjoy - and participate!

Old MacDonald Visits Medina

Part of my self-care routine is to go on a walk every day and one of my favorite places to visit is the lovely Medina park across the street from St. Thomas. I’m there at about the same time every day, rain or shine. I see the same people and the same dogs every day. We all greet each other at a safe distance, the same way, each day. The days are blended together. Is it today or tomorrow? Has it been a week? A month? Not sure.

On Monday, I went on my walk as usual. Same trail, same dogs, same people. On my way back to my car, I saw strange creatures ambling about on 12th street. They were moving slowly, snuffling through the grass. I went to investigate.

Pigs. They were pigs. Oink oink. Old MacDonald Had a Farm. PIGS.

I was completely befuddled. Pigs? On a stroll in Medina? No – I must be hallucinating. Yes, that’s it. Quarantine has finally gotten to my head. I’ve snapped. But then one pig let out a particularly enunciated OINK, which spooked a nearby woman into a sprint. I wasn’t the only one who saw them! See the picture below for yourself!

I have many questions: where do they live? What are their names? Is this their normal walking route? Were they going to the market? If you have information on these friendly farm animals, I beg you – email the Church Office at I need to know the backstory of the Medina Pigs!

Reflection by Natalie Ham