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Reception Volunteer Interview

Posted by Natalie Ham on

Reception Volunteer Interview

Featuring a conversation with a St. Thomas Parishioner, who wishes to be named Violet here.

What is it like to volunteer for the office?

It’s fun to work closely with the staff. For instance, I get to personally say good morning to Lex and that is very meaningful for me. So much is happening on Sunday that it’s hard to chat with staff. Volunteering at the front desk means I get to talk with each of them often and I’ve been able to build meaningful friendships with them. It’s also hard to know what goes on behind the scenes until you see it every day. Volunteering at the front desk during the week helps me see how much is done to support our parishioners. I enjoy seeing the professionalism in the staff. They know what they’re doing! I’ve gotten so much support from them and I’ve learned a lot.

What is the most fun thing you get to do in the office?

The most fun thing you get to do is the variety of things you get to do. You get to answer the phone and track down the person for which the call is (which is sometimes a challenge since staff members tend to roam with multiple errands). The people who call in are always different and it’s fun to meet new people. Being in a position to help the staff, be it transcribing the sermon, researching the Church registries, or working on projects like mailings, is fun for me. Helping the staff with the busy-work of their jobs ultimately helps the Church because it frees them up to work at the level that best supports St. Thomas.

What is the most challenging?

Sometimes it’s challenging when the outside world knocks at the door. Handling personal situations of people who are in need is hard and humbling. It helps me feel the grace of God, and has helped me learn more about myself and others. Also, it can get very busy in the office and it’s sometimes challenging to know how to help. But, every time this has happened, the staff has always been available and willing to help.

Concluding thoughts?

It’s a fun place to be because of the atmosphere the staff creates. It’s interesting to learn what’s going on behind Sunday service. The connection with the outside world gives me an opportunity to be friendly and be the face of the Church. Sometimes I’m the first person someone talks to, and I want to be welcoming.