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Guatemala Day Three

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Today we were prepared to do Zumba with the moms of Creamos, but unfortunately the traffic into Guatemala City kept us from making it. So instead we went to a nearby coffee shop for the morning where we got to sit on a patio with a view of the surrounding volcanoes. I thought it was pretty great (especially since we rescheduled the Zumba).

Afterwards, we headed to English Classes at Safe Passage with the Pre-schoolers. We got to spend a little time outside playing tag before we started classes and helped the children work on their numbers and letters with the use of play-doh until it was lunchtime. At lunch, everyone helped pour water, pass out the plates of noodles and veggies, and hand out tortillas.

 After lunch was my favorite part of the day: recess. The kids were clinging to everyone and running around playing tag. I became a sort of human train while simultaneously chasing someone. I think everyone was weighed down by at least three kids at some point during the break. It was like running the mile at school, only you can’t stop because if you do the kids will pull you down even more. They all eventually got called inside to go to other classes and take naps.

All of us had our own lunch and made class materials for a math activity. We got to help with one more English class afterwards and I got to see one of the kids who played with me at recess. It was super cool how she immediately recognized me and partnered up with me. We then went to a PE class in another building and it was the same class of little kids we met yesterday during a 1st grade English class, so all of us were swarmed by these kids and others who just wanted to hold our hands.

We watched them do a sort of P.E. “evaluation” where they were supposed to tap out a rhythm with wooden sticks and then hop on different feet through a rope ladder on the floor. Afterward, we played a version of dodgeball and it was much more enjoyable than the dodgeball at school, (mainly because they were first graders and their throws didn’t hurt).

Driving back to the hotel was loud because we all sang songs we remembered from camp. Everyone had a break before going to make dinner. We got to ride in the back of a pickup truck, and everyone was super excited about that. It hurt a little because there were seven of us and we were all squished, but it was definitely worth it. We rode to the place we were making dinner at and we got to make tortillas, soup, guacamole, and vegetable rice. It was an awesome ride back in the pickup truck (there was a race for more comfortable spots), and we saw of ton of dogs we weren’t allowed to pet.

Overall, it was an amazing day, and I am excited for tomorrow!

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Day 3 image

Day 3 image

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