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Guatemala Day Seven

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Our final day in Guatemala started off with a trip to the water park. There, we met kids ages 14 to 22. Although we did not interact as much with the kids because they spent time with their own friends, it was still great learning a lot about the lives of teenagers in Guatemala.

We swam for about two and a half hours before eating a lunch there of either fried chicken or grilled cheese. One thing I thought was so amazing was that the kids were all handed bags for what was left of their food. What Kasidy pointed out to us is that the kids never like to eat a special meal without giving a portion of their food to their family. And when I say a portion, it's not just a small bite, it is a whole half of the meal.

After the water park, we went back to the hotel to shower and change before heading to the market one last time. Bracelets and chocolate covered fruit are only two of the many things we found there. After finishing up at the market, we then walked to our final dinner with Kasidy and Donnica at Sobremesa. Although the food and drinks were outstanding, the highlight of my night was the entertainment Beret and her four-year-long crush provided. I am not going to spoil anything, but they may or may not have shared a kiss* at the end ;).

To finish off the night, we exchanged secret buddy gifts and highs and lows of the trip. Finally, we went to the roof and washed each other's feet while sharing how we saw God in one another throughout the trip. All-in-all, it was very hard to say goodbye to the amazing community at Safe Passage and the amazing people we met there. Even though it was heartbreaking to leave the kids, we know we will be coming back to help the the outstanding organization once again.

*Editor’s Note: The alleged “kiss” was on the cheek, and is a common cultural symbol of friendship in Guatemala. That said, it WAS definitely fun watching Beret blush ;) —Ashley

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