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Guatemala: Day Five

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Today the group woke up ready to do Zumba with the moms of Creamos. We arrived at Creamos and basically walked right in and begun our workout. I’m going to admit, I was not expecting the Zumba to be SO intense. These moms were committed and it showed, they were so good at it, there were very happy, and so into it, meanwhile I was panting and barely was able to match the instructor's motions. 

After we did Zumba, we changed and right away hopped in the van and drove over to the Safe Passage school for grades 1-7. Our group was split up into separate classes to be teacher assistants for the school day. I was placed with the 1st graders; these kids probably had the cutest personalities you have ever seen. I walk in the classroom and all the kids are so excited to see me, I was exhilarated.

We started out with math and after an hour of that we went for lunch, which today was a fish soup with croutons and tortillas. I personally thought it was delicious. After lunch we stayed for a few more hours to help out with our class doing various activities. 

After being teacher assistants, we got in the van and drove back to Antigua. We hung out for an hour or two and then went to dinner at a restaurant called Las Palmas. I thought that today was a very special day for all of us and it definitely showed an overall growth of the entire group.