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Digging for Treasure – Parables Revealed

Posted by Lisalynn Reed on

Welcome to VBC - we hope your children had a wonderful and wonder-filled day today!  Our theme today sets the tone for the entire week – God will help us understand. Jesus taught in parables – seemingly simple, short stories that people could relate to, but with many layers of meaning. Some people ask, “Why couldn’t Jesus just say what he meant? Why all this parable business?” Why indeed! In life, we gain a better understanding of complicated things when we work them out ourselves. It isn’t really learning if we are just given the answer. Parables are like that. We work hard to understand them, and because of that hard work, we treasure the answers we find. We will work hard - in fun ways - to understand a few of Jesus’ parables this week. In Godly Play (our Montessori-based young children’s faith formation) we learn that parables are: old – 2,000 years old, gifts – given before we were born, and valuable – treasure them like gold! It can be hard to enter or understand a parable. We have to be ready and persistent – and ask for God’s help to understand!

Today in the Crafts Station, the campers made kinetic sand using a secret recipe!  Campers played parachute games in the park and sang for the pure joy of it in Music.  And in the Outreach Station, the campers made chocolate chip cookies that will be dessert for the Congregations for the Homeless men at St. Thomas tonight.  Many of you also brought individually packaged snacks for needy children in the Bellevue School District. Thank you!!  We will be collecting snacks all week, so please pick up a suggested donation list at the entrance of the church and join us in providing snacks for the children.

A reminder- please apply sunscreen before you head out each morning. The weather is sunny & hot and the children will be outside in the park for their Recreations Station time. We will give them several hydration opportunities during the hot weather. And finally, please be sure your children are wearing appropriate footwear for running in the park!  Sandals, flip-flops and cowboy boots aren’t the best running shoes and we want all the campers to be able to safely romp and play.  Thank you! 

We hope that your children felt the welcoming embrace of God’s love at St Thomas Vacation Bible Camp today.  We are so delighted to have them with us! 

Many thanks and blessings, Lisalynn