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Interim Rector – Position Summary

St. Thomas Episcopal Church in Medina, WA is seeking an ordained Episcopal or Lutheran (ELCA) priest to serve as our full-time Interim Rector for a period of 12 to 24 months beginning in September of 2021.

The Interim Rector will regularly preach and preside; oversee the scheduling, coordination and preparation for worship services along with the Director of Music, Associate for Liturgy, and the Senior Associate Priest; plan and lead adult formation activities in conjunction with the Senior Associate Priest, Director of Ministries, lay staff and volunteers; support and encourage the people of St. Thomas, staff, and Vestry during the transition and search process; provide pastoral care to the people of St. Thomas in conjunction with the Senior Associate Priest and Director of Ministries; serve as chaplain for St. Thomas School; and, be the pastoral voice to the Vestry during the transition.

The successful candidate will be someone who deeply loves Jesus; is warm, personable and leads with a sense of humor and flexibility; is committed to engaging worship and beautiful music; is willing to encourage and empower the staff and laity in a non-hierarchical, non-clergy centric manner; will honor and respect who we are as a parish and help us to build on our traditions; and will encourage us to be forward thinking and action oriented during this time of transition as we seek to engage and serve in an increasingly diverse urban region.  St. Thomas is a resource sized parish in the Diocese of Olympia. Our members come from all over the greater Seattle area. We are located blocks from Lake Washington in Medina, Washington, which is just a short drive from downtown Bellevue and downtown Seattle.

Minimum qualifications include a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university; a master’s degree in divinity from an accredited theological seminary; ordination as a priest in the Episcopal Church or Evangelical Lutheran Church of America; and, 5 years of experience as an associate priest and/or rector including working in a large complex parish.

This fulltime position will be compensated in accordance with Diocese of Olympia Parochial Clergy Salary Schedule Grade A. Health insurance, retirement, and other benefits will be provided in accordance with the Diocesan policies and guidelines for clergy. It is the policy of St. Thomas Episcopal Church to recruit, hire, train, and promote employees without discrimination because of race, religion, gender, disability, age, marital status, and sexual orientation.

To apply, please send a letter of interest, resume, and updated OTM profile to The Rev. Canon Arienne Davison at

Information for the St. Thomas Community

July 19, 2021

To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven. Ecclesiastes 3:1

Dear Friends,

As you likely know, Lex Breckinridge will retire as Rector of St. Thomas on September 1st.  The Vestry and staff have begun the work required for this transition and Jonathan and I will be sharing regular updates with the parish as we move through this season. The Vestry met with Bishop Rickel and The Rev. Arienne Davison, Canon to the Ordinary, to receive guidance on the process. The first step is for St. Thomas to hire an Interim Rector. Canon Davison is developing a list of candidates to be considered by the Interim Selection Committee who were appointed by the Vestry in June. The Committee will evaluate options and recommend a candidate for Interim Rector to the Vestry for its approval. We hope to have an Interim Rector in place by late September or early October. Prior to the Interim Rector joining the staff, supply clergy from Diocese will assist Father Steve with the priestly duties of the parish as needed.

As prescribed in the process provided by the Bishop’s Office, next the Vestry will appoint a Profile Committee. This group will be charged with drafting a Parish Profile to tell the story of how God is at work at St. Thomas, our hopes for the future, and the qualities we value most in our next Rector. As a part of this work, the Profile Committee will conduct a self-assessment of the parish via surveys and questionnaires sent to members of the St. Thomas community and other stakeholders. Parishioners will also be asked to participate in focus groups and/or forums to provide anecdotal information to supplement the survey findings. After the self-assessment is completed, the Profile Committee will draft a Profile and submit it to the Bishop and Vestry for approval prior to sharing it with the parish and potential candidates. We hope to complete our Parish Profile by the end of 2021 or early 2022.

As the profile is being completed, the Vestry will appoint a Search Committee. The Search Committee will use the Parish Profile to discern which candidate best embodies the qualifications, skills, and spiritual foundation developed through the Parish Profile process. Once this candidate has been presented to the Vestry, we will begin our own discernment process to accept or reject the candidate recommended by the Search Committee. If the Vestry accepts the candidate, a letter of mutual ministry will be negotiated, and Bishop Rickel will provide final review and approval of the candidate. Only after the Bishop’s approval and final execution of the letter of mutual ministry will the announcement be made public. If the candidate recommended by the Search Committee is not selected, the Vestry may ask the Search Committee to discern another candidate, or the Vestry may appoint a new Search Committee and begin the process over. According to the Bishop, however, this does not happen often.

We hope to have a new rector in place within the next 18 months, but it may take as long as 24 months. Our Vestry is committed to faithfully following the process while trusting that we are in God’s hands. As we move through this season, we ask you to remember that God will be with us every step of the journey; pray for all doing the work of the search and for the person discerning the call to be our next Rector; and joyfully join in the work of the self-assessment and fully engage in the life of our parish. We are grateful to serve this community and encourage you to contact us with questions as they arise.


Margaret Chorlton, Senior Warden &  Jonathan Burks, Junior Warden