Caring for Each Other

Caring for each other

The Caring Community network at St. Thomas

Caring for one another is the heart of what we do in Christian community. At St. Thomas, we deepen our connections by caring for one another. The Caring Community Network at St Thomas is a web of caring that allows everyone to participate in both giving and receiving the care we need. Whether our care takes the form of heartwarming, homemade meals delivered to someone returning home from the hospital, a hand-knit treasure for a newborn baby, a ride to church for one who cannot drive, a visit (with cookies!) to someone who is homebound, or holding one another in prayer through our prayer network, we seek to share God’s abundant love by serving one another.

Who is my neighbor?

One of the wonderful challenges for a growing church is creating an environment where people feel a true sense of belonging and have easy access to the activities and service opportunities that might be of interest to them. Although our Sunday gatherings for worship and community are wonderful, the Who Is My Neighbor? program offers the opportunity to better know the people who live closest to us. Neighborhood hosts facilitate gatherings and welcome new members into the neighborhood. Neighbors notice each other’s presence and absence, helping to make each other’s needs known to the various groups who can offer assistance in the form of transportation, meals, home visits or other sorts of care. Caring for one another is one of the beautiful ways we share God’s love, and our own neighborhoods are a perfect place to start.

For more information about the Caring Community Network or Who is My Neighbor? contact The Rev. Karen Haig.