MInistries of St. Thomas

Growing in Faith - Serving others

At St. Thomas, we believe that life lived in relationship with God is transformative. We offer many opportunities for people to begin or deepen their journey of faith through learning and service. Whatever your age or your interests, and wherever you find yourself on that journey, there are opportunities for you to be involved and to find rich community at St. Thomas.

Worship +2

Attending worship services is a great place to begin. And, at St Thomas we are encouraged to find other ways to serve in the world and to explore our faith. We call it “Worship +2” – two other ways to participate in the life of our church. Whether that is by serving in one of our outreach programs, attending an adult formation class, or volunteering with our children or youth (or attending if you are in those age groups), our sense of belonging to the St. Thomas community grows when we get involved.


You will find more information about opportunities to connect with others, serve, and grow in faith on the pages under "ministries" in the navigation. Take a look around to see where you might like to get involved!