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Daily from 07/03/2020 to 07/15/2020

Location: St. Thomas Episcopal Church | Medina, 8398 NE 12th St, Medina, WA US 98039

Coordinator: St Thomas Staff

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Important Updates

REMINDER: Church Operations Closure July 3 — July 15

To prepare for the increased workload of re-opening while maintaining quality online services, St. Thomas will close church operations from July 3rd to July 15th to give clergy & staff a brief break. As an essential organization, we’ve kept the church functioning throughout the pandemic. Our dedicated clergy, staff and musicians have carefully gathered to produce each Sunday’s Worship. In addition, we have offered twice weekly Bible Study, Contemplative Worship each Wednesday evening, Father Steve’s weekly series on Wellness or Prayer, regular Vestry meetings, ongoing staff meetings, weekly Youth Group and more. During the operational closure, we will provide new online Sunday Worship on July 5th and July 12th at 9:30 am, but no other events* or meetings. In the case of a pastoral emergency, call the church office at (425)454-9541 to hear contact information for the priest-on-call.

Clergy and staff will respond to all other emails and phone calls upon their return to work on July 16th and in the days following. During the closure, we invite you to engage with content you may have missed. Our YouTube channel offers over 90 recent videos and includes worship services, Godly Play stories, musical offerings, and more. No login is required – just visit from any device.

*Youth events on July 11 and July 12 will proceed as scheduled.

When Will St. Thomas Open for In-Person Worship?

Our staff, clergy and lay leaders continue to make progress on a careful, thoughtful and safe plan for re-opening for in-person worship services and events at St. Thomas Episcopal Church. We are following guidelines from the Diocese as well as preparing to meet all requirements issues by the governor's office. The guidelines and requirements for faith organizations are extensive and change frequently. While King County is in Phase II of the "Safe Start Washington" plan, it is likely that St. Thomas won't open for in-person worship until King County is in Phase III. We don't know when that will be, but at the time of this writing, we hope to gather in mid-to-late August. Bear in mind that recent spikes in the number of COVID cases both in our region and nationally may affect that prediction.

Complete the First Re-Opening Survey

As we prepare to re-open for in-person services and events, we want to incorporate the needs and desires of our congregation in our plan. To share your thoughts, click this link to complete a quick, multiple-choice survey about returning to in-person services and events at St. Thomas: SURVEY #1

Answer each question with your most honest response at this time. We understand feelings may change as pandemic conditions change. This survey closes at midnight on Wednesday, July 15th and results will be shared with clergy, staff and lay leadership involved in the re-opening process. Look for additional surveys in late July and early August.

SUPPORT Congregations for the Homeless Rotating Shelter

St. Thomas is supporting Congregations for the Homeless (CFH) for the month of July again, but in a different way! This year, we are ordering food supplies from a restaurant supply company, and cleaning, laundry and kitchen items from various companies. Designated volunteers will drop off supplies outside the CFH building. We need your financial help to provide all the essentials for the men for the month of July! Please give generously.

Since March, the shelter has been located at St. Andrew's Lutheran Church and has been open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This change was agreed upon by the City of Bellevue and CFH to enable close monitoring and testing of the men in order to keep them healthy. CFH has extra personnel to care for the men as no outside volunteers are permitted to enter the building.

To make an online contribution to help St. Thomas purchase July essentials for CFH, click this link and follow the easy instructions: Or, make a check payable to St. Thomas with “CFH” in the memo line and mail to: St. Thomas Episcopal Church, 8398 NE 12th St., Medina, WA 98039

Questions? Contact Beth Zobel at or 425-503-4036 or Trish Evison at or 425-919-3884.